Weekend In Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Last month I went to Catalina Island for the first time with my boyfriend.  There are so many beautiful spots to see in California. The island was gorgeous and I thought I'd share some tips and pictures from my trip!


This island was only an hour ferry ride from Long Beach. You can take the Catalina Express Ferry to the island from multiple cities. It's about $76 and some change for a round trip ticket.


We stayed in a cute hotel off the main road. The only thing about staying off the main road is that there are some mildly steep hills so if you have a lot of stuff, you'll be getting a nice resistance workout! Or you can rent a golf cart and drive your luggage up that way. Other than that it's perfectly fine to not stay on the main road.

Things To Do:

Catalina is small, but it has a good amount of things to do if you're willing to pay for excursions. We came in early May. It was still too chilly to go in the water and do a lot of stuff. It was sweater weather for me. We did Kayak and see some seals though! One of the most fun things we did was rent a golf cart and go around the island. You can't go to every spot on the island with it though. If you want to see the wild animals you have to schedule a guided tour, but the golf cart course was scenic. We stopped at some lookout points, botanical gardens, and Descanso Beach Club while we were driving around the island. 


As for food, the options were many, but we only enjoyed the food we ate at the Bluewater Grill and Descanso Beach Club. Drinks at Descanso Beach Club were really good (highly recommend the frozen mojito). I also really liked the hot chocolate from Lloyd's of Avalon Confectionary. I went back 3 times because it was that good lol!

One More Tip:

Oh, and if you go to Catalina Island, look out for the Garibaldi fish! They are a really pretty bright orange. Whether you're in or outside of the water, they're easy to spot because they're so bright!! I thought they were so cool, but it was way too cold for snorkeling:(

If you're looking for a place to go on the weekend and you're a local then I highly recommend Catalina and hope you can take away some tips from this post! Enjoy the pics!:)