Favorite Lip Products | Spring/Summer '17

Lipsticks, Lippies & Glosses

There are so many lip products out there these days. It’s really hard for me to pick out colors that I think look good on me. I’m very picky. When I find a shade that looks good, I buy it no matter the price (within reason). I have to admit I’m a little boring when it comes to colors. I like pinky nudes. If I’m feeling a little risque, I’ll buy a dark shade after (most likely) an hour of contemplating it in the store. When it comes to changing it up in the color department, I tend to play it a safe. Nevertheless, these are the colors I feel give me just the right amount of color that I’m comfortable with. I can wear them from day to night easily.  Wherever I go, they go…(in my purse)!


“Velvet Teddy” by Mac

“Soar” by Mac

402 “Adrienne” by Chanel

“Velvet Teddy” by MAC has been my favorite color since I was in high school. The “Soar” lip liner pencil goes perfectly with it. I would be devastated if these products were ever discontinued.

The “Adrienne” Chanel shade was a purchase I made after Gary Pepper snapped it. I love it. It’s a nice peachy nude. I’ll usually wear it when I don’t want anyone to know I’m wearing anything because it’s very close to my natural lip color. It’s expensive because it’s Chanel, but it’s one of those signature lip colors that I won’t part with unless I have to.



Lip Gloss

First off, if you don’t like lip products that promise to make your lips appear bigger/make your lips sting or tingle, don’t buy these. I don’t really like lip glosses….I know! omg! Shame on me. I have very long hair though. I already get my hair stuck in the weirdest places (like car doors and door handles). It’s a pain when my hair gets stuck to my lips too LOL! I have found 1 lip gloss that is worth the annoyance.  It’s “Lip Injections/ Extreme” by Too Faced Cosmetics.

Lip Injections

This is their regular lip gloss. It promises to make your lips appear bigger, but it has some color to it, unlike the extreme version. It’s more glossy and sticky than the extreme version as well.

Lip Injections Extreme

I have to say this stuff work very well…maybe a little too well. It’s clear and I just put it on my lips before or after I put my lipstick on. I usually put it on and then kiss the back of my hand because I don’t like the glossy look. If even a little bit of it gets on the skin outside of my lips, I get really red in that area. Just be careful or else you’ll end up needing to use concealer around your mouth area to cover up the redness lol! I’m on my 7th or 8th tube!

Tip: Don’t kiss ANYONE when you use this product unless you want to explain to them why their lips are burning and feeling swollen. They will start worrying that they’re having an allergic reaction and flip out! Seriously, just don’t do it.



Tarte Lippie Lingerie ($24):




These are the first “lippies” I’ve purchased. I received “Exposed” as a gift with purchase at ULTA along with the Tarte “Maneater” mascara after purchasing their Amazonian Clay 12-hour Foundation. I loved the product and re-purchased it in two more darker shades. 

What I love about them is their texture. They aren’t drying and they feel smooth. You can tone them down or make them bolder. That’s really important for me. If I’m going to wear a dark shade like the two above, I want to be able to tone it down or build it. If you want something that is longwear, these aren’t for you. 


Moisturizing Lip Products

Lip Un-Wrinkle Cream

Having dry lips with wrinkles on them is probably due to dehydration and nothing works for that except for drinking more water. BUT, if you want to be a little extra, you can use the Lip Un-Wrinkle Treatment by Peter Thomas Roth. I use it before bed and in the morning. Sometimes I carry it in my purse and use it throughout the day. I didn’t know it was a must-have until I ran out of my first bottle. I’ve been using it ever since and it’s been 4 years since I first purchased it after a friend recommended it. It’s one of the products(like a face mist) that just makes you feel good and you like using it.


If you have true dry lips (like the Winter burning cracked and raw type),  NOTHING has worked as well for me as Aquaphor. After moving to New York City and experiencing my first real winter, I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I wasted so much money buying drugstore chapsticks that did nothing. Aquaphor is cheap ($5 or so) and a little goes a long way. It isn’t sexy and it smells like nothing, but it does its’ job.  You can always mix it with a lipstick to add some color.

Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh

This is a chapstick with SPF 15 in it. It comes in many different colors, but coral is the shade I buy. I got it as a gift 3 years ago (Thanks, Dani♥) and I’ve been buying it ever since. It’s really good to use when you go to the beach or somewhere where you’ll be out in the sun since it has SPF. I like the pigmentation of it. The packaging is really nice too because it has a screw cap so it won’t open while it’s in your purse and get ruined. The only downside is that it’s pricey ($24) and melts easily (so keep it somewhere cool). There are definitely other (cheaper) products on the market that have SPF in them. I just really like this one without any logical explanation. =]

Dior Addict Lip Glow Color

This has been around for a long time. I guess that everyone just started buying it in the last year since it’s been popping up all over social media. I like it because it works to enhance your natural lip color. I’m a sucker for innovative products and definitely an early adapter *rolls eyes*. It’s by Dior so it’s not cheap ($33). Like most chapsticks, a little goes a long way. I have it in the pink shade. I’ll use it when my lips look ghostly pale and I don’t feel like using an actual lipstick. I also like to put it on before the gym because it gives you the right amount of color and shine without looking like you did anything over the top for a workout! (DUH! I just look this way at the gym!)

There you have it! These are my favorite lip products! I love them all. If I had enough room for all of them in my purse, I’d probably walk around with all of them plus my entire vanity LOL! If you have any suggestions of lip products I should try let me know in the comments below:)♥


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