NYC | Sleep, Eat, See, Do


New York City is one of the most visited cities in the world. Often people come to visit and ask me where to go. This guide is my answer to those questions. Enjoy! P.S. I'll also be making on for the holidays!🎀



When it comes to specific hotel recommendations it's hard because everyone's budgets are different. This all depends on how often you frequent the city, who you're traveling with, and what you came to accomplish. I'm only going to recommend hotels I've personally been in or stayed at. I know these hotels are expensive, but even if you don't stay at them you can still go to them while you're in town. They are beautiful and a lot of them have incredible rooftop views and decor.



You’ve probably noticed most, if not all, of these places aren’t chains. There’s no reason to go to a chain restaurant in the city. Some of them have opened other locations in other cities though! BTW, in NYC, Yelp is very KEY. I highly recommend Yelp searching any restaurant or cafe you go to before making a decision on where you're going. I live off of reviews!




I've put a lot of my going out recommendations in the "To Sleep" section. These are just some that I left out and I'll continuously be updating these lists:)

IG Accounts: 

Reference these accounts when visiting NYC, they usually have really good recommendations as well. Whether it's photo spots or brunch spots, they capture it all pretty well.

I'll keep updating this list as I go, but I hope this helps on deciding where to go on your next trip to NYC!